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AGM and Cocktails

May 25th

After our WI Life Admin and Elections we can complete the evening with homemade cocktails and fun. 


Quirky Birds

July 27th

Lynn, our now famous WI Wanderer watercolourist, will be joining us with simple follow along painting instructions for us all to immerse ourselves in.

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The Forensic Experience

September 28th

Hopefully in our new venue we will be welcoming Hayley Scott, an experienced CSI, as she offers us a fascinating insight into the world of forensics.


House Mother in India

November 23rd

Sue Essex spent 9 months in India as a House Mother and she will be telling us about this experience and how it changed her life.



June 22nd

Inbaal is an Israeli born British psychic and she is coming to talk to us about the history of Tarot and how it is a tool of divination for tapping into the future. 


Summer Party

August 24th

With our new found freedom let's see what entertainment we can find...



October 26th

As the nights draw in we will be joined by Jane Lappage.  Jane will be improving our written script all ready for those important documents and cards.



December 14th

And is that time of year again when we will be getting our pies out.