Annual Membership fee FAQs


How do I join Whiteley Jambusters WI ?


You can sign up to join Whiteley Jambusters by emailing us at    And when we are able to meet up in person again you can sign up at our meetings and pay either via our bank account, cheque or cash.  

How much is the Annual Membership of Whiteley Jambusters WI ?


Full Membership costs £44 for 2021/22. Membership runs from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022 and for any new members joining from April to June.  A new member is defined as someone who has not been a Member of any WI in the 2020 membership year. Any new member joining in the following quarters will be charged a pro rata rate as set out below: 

Date of joining in 2021 

1 April to 30 June             £44.00 

 1 July to 30 Sept              £33.00 

1 Oct to 31 Dec                £22.00 

1 Jan to 31 March 2022    £11.00 

For existing members the full cost applies regardless of when in the year you renew your membership.

Dual Membership is £21.60 and there is no pro-rata rate for dual members.


What does my Membership include? 

During this past year we have continued to offer all of our Main Meetings online as well as the online Book and Film Club.  And we are carrying on online this year until we are able to resume in person meetings when the restrictions allow. 


For £3.67 your membership includes: 

  • 12 monthly meetings per year, (currently online) 

  • Access to all of our Clubs

  • 8 copies of the national WI magazine. WI Life, delivered through the post 

  • Access to our  private Whiteley Jambusters members' Facebook group and WhatsApp groups

  • Any other social activities organised during the year

  • Events from the National Federation and Hampshire Federation

  • Access to the WI online


Where do the Membership Fees go ?

The Membership fee is split into three parts:


  • National Federation of WIs (NFWI) -  £12.10 (28%)  

  • Hampshire Federation of WIs (LFWI)  - £10.30 (21%)  

  • Whiteley Jambusters WI - £21.60 (49%) 

Whiteley Jambusters WI retains £1.80 per member per month towards the running costs of our WI.  Some of the costs that are incurred include:

  • Payment of the Speakers

  • School Hall Hire and currently subscription to Zoom

  • Any Mailings

  • Fee repayment to 1 Member per year

Full access to our annual accounts is given to all of our Members.

Can I try Whiteley Jambusters WI before joining ?


Yes, especially while we are providing online meetings for our members.  We are a very friendly group and enjoy welcoming new people. When we meet in person again we suggest a voluntary donation of £5 for visitors.  This £5 is taken off of the Membership Fees if someone decides to join us.   Our Committee is always there to help prospective members get to know our WI.

​If I need help to attend a meeting does my assistant/carer need to be a member?

No, just let us know who they are to so that we know who to expect.


Are only women allowed to become Members? 

Yes, we are open to ALL women which includes anyone who identifies as a women.  We do, however, let the men into some of our meetings.  They love the history talks and walks.  

We adhere to the NFWI policy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.