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We started 2020 with an interesting talk on the history of belly dancing and then had a go ourselves!

January 2020

Belly dancing

Once again Andrew kept us all enthralled with his hilarious history and captivating stories about Portsmouth's past.

November 2019

The History of Portsmouth (Pt 3)

The Haven reminded us of compassion, caring and a strong volunteer base to create this haven to men and women with breast cancer in and around Titchfield.

September 2019

The Haven

Tina the dog came with her human partners, Tina and Bev to show us what a wonderful difference this charity can make to people as assistance dogs.

July 2019

Canine Partners

Our Annual General Meeting with a game introduced by our treasurer, Lorraine - a fun cross between a raffle and musical chairs.

May 2019


An evening all about the life cycle of chocolate.  We got to see cocoa pods and taste a new type of chocolate - ruby chocolate.

March 2019

Salon du Chocolat

Kerry from local organisation 'Acts of Kindness' spoke to us about their fantastic work to support people in need in our community.  We had a collection of toiletries for goodies to make hospital packs.

January 2019

Acts of Kindness

Our long awaited talk from Frances teaching us all about the history of pearls and sharing her passion for turning them into beautiful jewellery.

October 2018

Pearl Jewellery Making

The return of our Jambusters quiz with cream scones, cake and Pimms!

August 2018

Summer Party 

A hands-on demonstration of needle felting from local crafter, Sandra.

June 2018

Needle Felting

A relaxed evening with talks on different aspects of well-being including reflexology from our own member, Carly.

April 2018

Holistic Therapies

We celebrated our first birthday party with cake (of course!) and a popular quiz

February 2018

Our 1st Birthday

We had a duo of talks on upcycling - one from Smart Living Hampshire explaining the benefits of upcycling to the environment and a practical workshop with J'adore la Maison, Wickham.

November 2017


Karen from Charlie's Beach Hut came to talk to us about the fantastic local charity her and her husband set up in memory of their son, Charlie.

September 2017

Charlie's Beach Hut

Another of our favourites.  A talk from local crafter Ally about silvermithing and showing off her beautiful handmade jewellery.

July 2017


An interesting talk all about food

May 2017

Food Fads to Square Meals

Our first meeting organised for us by our adviser, Denise.  A history of British canals and their unique art.

March 2017

A History of British Canals

Alaine told us all about Twinkly bits and knits, with several of us having a go at making a bracelet ourselves. Plus the Dolly Mixtures sang Christmas Carols

December 2019

Jewellery, knitting & christmas carols

Our planned speaker was unfortunately unable to come last minute so we improvised with an evening of games.  The caretaker said there was so much laughter he thought we had a stripper!

October 2019

Fun and Games

Penny gave us an inspirational talk titled 'Baking Blind'.  Search 'Baking Blind' on YouTube to see her videos.

August 2019

Baking Blind

Debbie gave us a hands-on demonstration of how to make macarons with some delicious samples

June 2019

Masterclass in Macrons

An informative talk about pollution from Clean Air Southampton

April 2019

Clean Air Southampton

The second installation from our very popular speaker Andrew Neagus talking about the hilarious history of Portsmouth.

February 2019

The History of Portsmouth - Pt 2

We rang in the end of 2018 to the sound of bells!

November 2018

Bell Ringing

One of our favourite talks from three amateur bee keepers telling us their hilarious tales of how not to keep bees!

September 2018

Bee Keeping

A hilarious and fascinating talk from local historian Andrew Neagus

July 2018

History of Portsmouth - Pt 1

We heard the unusual and funny tale of how Mick transitioned between the armed forces and artisan chocolatier.

May 2018


Julie from Natural Vitality spoke to us all about nutrition - the benefits and how to improve our diet.

March 2018


We danced in the New Year Cuban style in a very active and fun meeting.

January 2018


A hilarious history of knickers.  And now we know why we say 'a pair of pants'.

October 2017

Underwear through the Ages

A bright, bold and very fun evening!  We learnt two fantastic bollywood dance routines.

August 2017

Bollywood Dancing

We learnt the secrets of Abu Dhabi and why and how there are penguins in the desert.

June 2017

Penguins in the Desert

A very funny evening learning about hula hooping fitness and trying to keep our hoops in the air!

October 2017

Hula Hooping