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It's Christmas

December 2021

We got so excited about Christmas we forgot to take photos...but we were lucky to have our very own Dolly Mixtures with us again...


It's Christmas

December 2021

We got so excited about Christmas we forgot to take photos...but we were lucky to have our very own Dolly Mixtures with us again...


It's our 5th Birthday

February 2022

What a natural combination Salsa dancing and our 5th Birthday was.  Belinda Butler was brilliant.


Pazzazz Me - Beauty Consultancy and Fitness Services


It's Christmas

December 2021

We got so excited about Christmas we forgot to take photos...but we were lucky to have our very own Dolly Mixtures with us again...



October 2021

As the nights draw in we will be joined by Jane Lappage.  Jane will be improving our written script all ready for those important documents and cards.

Calligraphy Arts - Calligraphy Arts UK

PXL_20210916_175904050 (1).jpg

We are back.....

September 2021

With enormous joy we are back and in our very welcoming home at Whiteley Primary School.  Our own Dolly Mixtures came and sang, we chatted, ate cake, picture quizzed and raffled the night away.  It was simply brilliant to see everyone.


House Mother in India

July 2021

Sue Essex spent 9 months in India as a House Mother.  This was an uplifting and interesting talk about her experience and how she carried out being the childrens' 'mother' over the subsequent years.

Screenshot_20210224-191156 (1).png

AGM and Cocktails

May 2021

After our WI Life Admin and Elections we completed the evening with a live demonstration of some popular cocktails from our amateur mixologist/New elected President  and some quizzing. 


Nicola Hope, Organic Horticulturist

April 2021

A fabulous evening with the truly infectious and passionate Nicola Hope.  The gardeners may have come away with a shopping list...

Nicola Hope – Horticulturalist, Garden Designer & Writer


The Joyful Movement

January 2021

Sophie from The Joyful Movement and introduced us to Barre Fitness.  Not many of us were able to get our legs above our heads but we definitely had a Barre Fitness 'glow'.


Boozy Bakers

December 2020

We finished off our year with Michelle from Boozy Bakers.  And while we made festive shortbread together she told us about her business journey.  Finally, our year ended with recorded Christmas carols from our very own Dolly Mixtures. A real highlight of an 'interesting' year.


Ghosts of Hampton Court

October 2020

Sarah Slater came to talk about her experiences of working with the ghosts of Hampton Court Palace and the stories of the sightings of ghosts over the years. We were, however, more fascinated by homemade historic outfits and capes !


Summer Party Party Party...

August 2020

We sent out our summer care packages and put on our best summer party hats, drank cocktails and played the best 'what is in your handbag ' game.



June 2020

We had a robust workout with Kirsten who kindly gave us quite a few breaks!


Story of Human Trafficking 

April 2020

The writer, Helen Matthews, introduced us to the shocking world of Human Trafficking and the extensive research for her novels.  


The Great Russian Chair Raffle

February 2020

Our meeting in February foreshadowed the rest of 2020.  Our speaker was called away so we made the best of it and enjoyed the cut-throat Russian Chair Raffle.  Sadly, it was the last time together in 2020. 

twinkly bits image.png

Jewellery, knitting & christmas carols

December 2019

Alaine told us all about Twinkly bits and knits, with several of us having a go at making a bracelet ourselves. Plus the Dolly Mixtures sang Christmas Carols


Fun and Games

October 2019

Our planned speaker was unfortunately unable to come last minute so we improvised with an evening of games.  The caretaker said there was so much laughter he thought we had a stripper!


Baking Blind

August 2019

Penny gave us an inspirational talk titled 'Baking Blind'.  Search 'Baking Blind' on YouTube to see her videos.


Masterclass in Macrons

June 2019

Debbie gave us a hands-on demonstration of how to make macarons with some delicious samples

Screenshot_20190403-202900 (2).png

Clean Air Southampton

April 2019

An informative talk about pollution from Clean Air Southampton


The History of Portsmouth - Pt 2

February 2019

The second installation from our very popular speaker Andrew Neagus talking about the hilarious history of Portsmouth.


Bell Ringing

November 2018

We rang in the end of 2018 to the sound of bells!


Bee Keeping

September 2018

One of our favourite talks from three amateur bee keepers telling us their hilarious tales of how not to keep bees!


History of Portsmouth - Pt 1

July 2018

A hilarious and fascinating talk from local historian Andrew Neagus



May 2018

We heard the unusual and funny tale of how Mick transitioned between the armed forces and artisan chocolatier.



March 2018

Julie from Natural Vitality spoke to us all about nutrition - the benefits and how to improve our diet.



January 2018

We danced in the New Year Cuban style in a very active and fun meeting.


Underwear through the Ages

October 2017

A hilarious history of knickers.  And now we know why we say 'a pair of pants'.


Bollywood Dancing

August 2017

A bright, bold and very fun evening!  We learnt two fantastic bollywood dance routines.


Penguins in the Desert

June 2017

We learnt the secrets of Abu Dhabi and why and how there are penguins in the desert.


Hula Hooping

October 2017

A very funny evening learning about hula hooping fitness and trying to keep our hoops in the air!


It's Christmas

December 2021

We got so excited about Christmas we forgot to take photos...but we were lucky to have our very own Dolly Mixtures with us again...


It's Christmas

December 2021

We got so excited about Christmas we forgot to take photos...but we were lucky to have our very own Dolly Mixtures with us again...


Water, Slaughter & Trade Part 1

January 2022

Another fascinating evening with our favourite historian, Andrew Negus, who blew us away with the history of Southampton.  Who knew two tides could make such a difference?


Debbie's Kitchen

November 2021

Back with us for a second time Debbie is going to demonstrate how to make a chocolate salami & mendiants all ready for Christmas.

Screenshot_20210224-182646 (1).png

CSI - behind the tape

September 2021

Hayley Scott, an experienced CSI, came and offered us a fascinating insight into the world of forensics.


Lazy Summer Evening, Cake and Pimms

August 2021

We came, we drank, we ate cheesecake and cake and more cake. A lovely evening sat outside together once again. 



June 2021

Inbaal is an Israeli born British psychic who joined us to talk about the history of Tarot and how it is a tool of divination for tapping into the future. 


Easter Party

March 2021

"Nice to see you to see you NICE!"


Easter Party Zoom Games with our Bunnies, Piglet and our own Legendary Game Chick, Sue, whose themed Lockdown Generation Game took us back to the 70's and split our sides at the same time.


Hart Wildlife Rescue

February 2021

Paul Reynolds, The Hospital Manager at HART Wildlife Rescue gave us a passionate, interesting and illuminating talk about the hospital's work and their transient guests.  And don't ask about the squirrels.


Hart Wildlife | Here to help wild animals


The Spirit Within

January 2021

Deborah Baxter from The Spirit Within came and gave us numerous helpful and useful techniques for coping with Lockdown 3.  Breathe, pressing on the solar plexus point on your palm and putting on a cloak of protection were the top 3 tools.


A Lighthearted Look at Relationships in Writing

November 2020

Patsy Collins, a romantic author, came and talked about how to explore relationships in writing and read us exerts from some of her own short stories. 

Screenshot_20200903-095148 (1).png

Naomi House and Jacksplace

September 2020

Lucy Gray came and gave us an uplifting insight into the workings of Naomi House and Jacksplace. 


Attainable Meditation with Laura

July 2020

Laura from gave us an interesting and useful talk about attainable meditation practice.


The Great British Bee Project 

May 2020

The very keen apiarist, Richard Shaw, told us all about the different types of bees, the Bee Project and how swarms are caught & rehomed.  


Pilates with Sophie, Joyful Movement

March 2020

In March we moved into the online world and Sophie took us through a pilates routine.  A few of our members then regularly joined Sophie during Lockdown One. 

belly dncing.jpg

Belly dancing

January 2020

We started 2020 with an interesting talk on the history of belly dancing and then had a go ourselves!

portsea island.jpg

The History of Portsmouth (Pt 3)

November 2019

Once again Andrew kept us all enthralled with his hilarious history and captivating stories about Portsmouth's past.


The Haven

September 2019

The Haven reminded us of compassion, caring and a strong volunteer base to create this haven to men and women with breast cancer in and around Titchfield.


Canine Partners

July 2019

Tina the dog came with her human partners, Tina and Bev to show us what a wonderful difference this charity can make to people as assistance dogs.



May 2019

Our Annual General Meeting with a game introduced by our treasurer, Lorraine - a fun cross between a raffle and musical chairs.


Salon du Chocolat

March 2019

An evening all about the life cycle of chocolate.  We got to see cocoa pods and taste a new type of chocolate - ruby chocolate.


Acts of Kindness

January 2019

Kerry from local organisation 'Acts of Kindness' spoke to us about their fantastic work to support people in need in our community.  We had a collection of toiletries for goodies to make hospital packs.


Pearl Jewellery Making

October 2018

Our long awaited talk from Frances teaching us all about the history of pearls and sharing her passion for turning them into beautiful jewellery.


Summer Party 

August 2018

The return of our Jambusters quiz with cream scones, cake and Pimms!

needle felting.jpg

Needle Felting

June 2018

A hands-on demonstration of needle felting from local crafter, Sandra.


Holistic Therapies

April 2018

A relaxed evening with talks on different aspects of well-being including reflexology from our own member, Carly.


Our 1st Birthday

February 2018

We celebrated our first birthday party with cake (of course!) and a popular quiz



November 2017

We had a duo of talks on upcycling - one from Smart Living Hampshire explaining the benefits of upcycling to the environment and a practical workshop with J'adore la Maison, Wickham.


Charlie's Beach Hut

September 2017

Karen from Charlie's Beach Hut came to talk to us about the fantastic local charity her and her husband set up in memory of their son, Charlie.



July 2017

Another of our favourites.  A talk from local crafter Ally about silvermithing and showing off her beautiful handmade jewellery.


Food Fads to Square Meals

May 2017

An interesting talk all about food


A History of British Canals

March 2017

Our first meeting organised for us by our adviser, Denise.  A history of British canals and their unique art.

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