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Alstroemeria B E N

The cut flower industry in the UK is worth over 2 billion and we import over 90% of these flowers. But at what cost?

Last night Alstroemeria Ben/Ben Cross joined us to tell us about not only the origins of Alstroemeria, the growing of Alstroemeria but also of his own family's origin and the footprint that 4 generations have made. As with many family businesses each generation has added their own enthusiasms. And Ben? Ben's passion for his industry runs alongside his passion for the environment. As one of our members put it, 'you don't usually hear the environmental issues put over in such a well thought out way and with such passion!'. Ben gave us an opportunity to consider in 2023 whether, as consumers, we should accept not knowing where are flowers are from and whether our environmental choices should be taken away. A symbol on the purchase label denoting British Flowers seems the least that any company can do.

There is always room for a tempestuous tulip, a rascally rose and a sassy shouting sunflower. But perhaps Alstroemeria should represent the WI for its ability to rebloom and to symbolise the friendship and lasting strong bonds between women.

As for the rest, we had a fabulous evening with our gal pals. Flowers, fun and and homemade cake. Imagine Day of the Triffids with afternoon tea.

And our last thought? Ben needs to up his Mothers Day Game. We have your back Mrs Cross.


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1 Comment

Mar 17, 2023

What a brilliant write up! Fantastic evening with Ben and Jambusters. Loving having some eco friendly British flowers in my kitchen

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